Democracy Chronicles editorial column by Adrian Tawfik

This is the Democracy Chronicles editorial column by Adrian Tawfik. Adrian has run DC since 2011 and is currently living in New York City. Be sure to see his Democracy Meme Graphic image collection and checkout the rest of our international team of authors. Together, they help cover free and fair elections on every continent with a focus on election reform in the United States.

Denial of Voting Rights Feeding African-American Anger

african american black vote flag

On top of the tragedy of Tryavon Martin’s death, the outrage at the results of the Zimmerman trial stems from a seriously dangerous situation where African-Americans are not being adequately represented in our current government.

Advancing Technology is the Foundation of Democracy

Egypt Flag Man Near Twitter Graffiti

Technology is the foundation of democracy and a key factor the end of dictatorships. As the pace of technological change has quickened, inherently inflexible dictatorships have found it increasingly impossible to keep pace with the constant state of reform and self-criticism necessary for a functioning government.

On Democracy and the Israel Palestine Conflict

On Democracy and the Israel Palestine Conflict

It is vitally important that even during the height of these recurring wars between the Israelis, the Palestinians, and Hezbollah that the world is not distracted from the very real possibility of producing an entirely different region in the Middle East that is shaped by democracy.