Charities for Election Reform in the United States

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Giving to Democracy

Here is the list of charities for election reform in the United States we have compiled along with the corresponding website.  This is a good place to find organizations like Democracy Chronicles working in one of eight categories including Election Reform, Money in Elections, Transparency, Freedom and Civil Liberties, Election Method Reform, Democracy News, Activism and Election Reform in New York. For more information on the subject of election reform itself, see our Election Reform, Third Party, and Election Methods pages that are the gateway to accessing our coverage.

One of our favorite charities is the Center for Election Science whose fundraising charity can be found by clicking the their logo or visiting  center for election science bannerAlso, we recommend the website Reclaim Democracy who are working to create a better representative democracy with an actively participating public, where citizens don’t merely choose from a menu of options determined by elites, but play an active role in guiding the country and its political agenda.

Election reform blogs that we consider essential include Election Law Blog written by Rick Hasen and Ballot Access News by Richard Winger.  Also Common Cause and Move to Amend are major players behind election reform activism.

Please let us know if you have better links and information than we have or other organizations that should be on the list by commenting below.  We plan to expand and deepen our charity section in order to give our readers access to the world of activism:

Election Reform:

These election reform links include our favorites, Election Law Blog and Ballot Access News.

Ballot Access News
Campaign for Stronger Democracy
Campaign Legal Center
Center for Law and Democracy
Color of Change
Common Cause
Democracy is for People
Election Law Blog
Election Protection
Give Me Liberty
Move to Amend
National Initiative for Democracy
Public Campaign

Money in Elections:

ALEC Exposed
Alliance for Democracy
Corporate Reform Coalition
Follow the Money
Friends Of the Article V Convention
Maine Citizens for Clean Elections
Money Outta Politics
Open Secrets
Program on Corporations, Law and Democracy
Root Strikers
They Rule
Wolf Pac


Americans for Informed Democracy Ballotpedia
Black Box Voting
Consumer Watchdog
Electoral Vote
Project Vote Smart
Sunlight Foundation
Sunshine Standard
Video the vote

Freedoms and Civil Liberties:

Action to Amend the U.S. Constitution
Anti-Defamation League
Bill of Rights Defense Committee
Free Speech is for People
Freedom of the Press

Election Method Reform:

Also see Election Methods Central for more in-depth analysis and information.

Center for Election Science
Declaration of Election-Method Reform Advocates
Fair Vote
Range Vote
Range Voting
Verified Voting
Vote Fair

Democracy News:

ACE Project
Center for American Progress
Democracy Arsenal
Democracy Digest
Democratic Underground
Project Vote
Reclaim Democracy


Artists for Empowerment
Center for Consititutional Rights
Citizens in Charge
Democracy for America
Democracy Now
Democratic Society
Kids Voting USA
Peak Democracy
Public Citizen

Election Reform in New York:

nyc elections since 1790

Align NY
Democracy for New York City
Fair Elections for New York
New York Communities for Change
Participatory Budgeting in New York City
Reinvent Albany
Who’s on the Ballot?