Native American Voters Ignored Completely as Usual

Native American Family With Veteran of 2003 Iraq War

Native American Family With Veteran of 2003 Iraq War




August 18, 2012


It should go without saying that Native Americans are ignored by media and politicians alike.  The tragedy that paints the Native American history is still being applied.   Poverty and neglect still define Native American life for many individuals.  Regardless, recently there was thankfully some reporting on the Native American relationship with the upcoming elections and there is no sign of any candidate mentioning the issue.


I found a cool map of existing reservations in the U.S. and added it below but keep reading as well.






There was recently an article on KVNO News called “VOTER VOICES: Native American voters share concerns” bBill Kelly, NET News.  Take a look at an excerpt:

“Even with all the election year polls and surveys available, it’s almost impossible to find research about what issues are of concern to Native American people. As part of the NET News “Voter Voices” project, Bill Kelly recently sat down with representatives of Nebraska’s tribes to hear what they’d like candidates to address this year…”

“…It’s not easy to convince people at the Winnebago Tribe Powwow to talk about politics and the upcoming election. It’s not only talking over the steady, infectious rhythm of the drum groups performing in the dance circle. There’s often a sense that Native people get left off the radar of the people campaigning for office. In fact, if there’s something everyone agrees on, regardless of political philosophy, it’s that candidates need to make a swing through the reservation more often.”

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